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mandag den 7. juli 2014

A Spanish glimmer of light in the dark


Yesterday saw the culmination of Gay Pride Week ind Madrid with a parade, followed by a huge party in the streets. This year the theme of the parade struck a serious note. Under the slogan "We march for those who can't" participants of all sexualities showed their support for people in the 80 countries where LGBTi persons are persecuted because of their sexuality, and in particular for those living in the 10 countries where homosexuality is punishable by the death penalty.

The speakers and the parade itself made strong statements against the progress of the extreme right in Europe and the discrimination that goes with it; against EU countries like Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia where amendments to the constitutions have made gay marriages illegal; against Russia's anti-gay law which is in blatant violation of human rights, and against countries like Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia where so-called corrective rapes of lesbians are common. 

In dark times such as these every glimmer of light in the darkness is worth noticing. Such a light shone from Madrid yesterday.

The Spanish police tell media that at least one million people took part when love triumphed over hate.

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